What is Families CCAN?

Families Creating Communities for Adults with Special Needs is a nonprofit founded and led by parents and family members of adults with disabilities.  Families CCAN assists families in developing innovative models of housing, employment and volunteer activities for their family members.  Through education, access to expertise and resources, networking, advocacy, and partnerships with agencies and other organizations, we aim to create caring communities for adults with disabilities in the 5-county Philadelphia area.

We meet monthly throughout the year in the Philadelphia area for educational programs and networking opportunities for parents, family members, professionals and agencies.  Add your name to our email list here.

Where will your child or family member with special needs live in 5 years, as they (and you) get older? What meaningful employment is available for them? Who will care for them once you are gone? How can you possibly navigate all of these planning steps by yourself?

Families CCAN, a parent-led organization, is creating answers to these questions through partnerships between families, organizations, agencies and area colleges and universities.

Please join our network and help us work towards innovative and creative solutions!

Families CCAN is creating communities for adults with special needs

Our guiding principles include:
• Housing is at the center of a wider caring community
• Families will continue to play an integral role in the lives of our children and siblings with disabilities as they progress through adulthood
• Involvement by families and “micro-boards” in the design and ongoing management of the housing will assure that it continues to be responsive to our loved one’s changing needs
• Innovative approaches to communal living, such as private ownership, rental or condominium arrangements, will be required in order to meet local zoning requirements
• Creating home-like settings will require consistency of staff who are trained to engage residents through meaningful relationships
• The goal is to progressively increase levels of independence for each person both in the home through all activities of daily living and in the community through employment, volunteerism, and recreation
• Employment options and opportunities for volunteerism will be developed to enable young people with special needs to be fully integrated into our communities
• Collaborative arrangements with area colleges, universities, faith-based organizations and civic groups will enliven the home life of our young adults
• We aim to develop solutions for adults with special needs with a variety of diagnoses and ability levels